Jr./Sr. Umpires: Sign up to work games

UpdatedWednesday July 20, 2022 by Darold Mergens.

If you have any questions, email umpirechief@hillsidelittleleague.org

Not all umpires are permitted to umpire any games they wish. League rules require umpires to be at least:

  • 12 years old
  • one year older than the division they are umpiring
  • if a player, one division above

Example: The Minor League is generally for players 9-10 years old (aka 10U). To umpire a Minor League game, you need to be at least 12 years old and a Major Division player or higher (if you are a player).

What is the difference between Jr. Umpires and Sr. Umpires, you ask?

  • Jr. Umps
    • Can only ump Minor and Farm games
    • Two umps per game is desired
      • Home Plate (required)
      • Bases
  • Sr. Umps
    • Can ump any Minor or Farm game
    • Can ump any Major or higher game provided they are at least:
      • one year older than the division
      • if a player, plays in a higher division
    • Umps alone

  • Please start with earliest dates to fill
  • Home Plate umpire needs to be filled for all games at a minimum
  • First and Last Name required on all slots
  • Dates and times will be locked 24 hours in advance
  • Excellent pay
    • Jr. Umps
      • Bases: $15
      • Home Plate: $20
      • Both: $25
    • Sr. Umps
      • One ump per game: $45
  • Please click the links below to sign up for games to work once the schedules are finalized:

Jr. Umpire Game Sign-up Here

Sr. Umpire Game Sign-up Here