Del Popken Award

UpdatedSunday June 27, 2021 by Darold Mergens.

The Del Popken Award

Little League is a program of service to youth, providing an outlet for healthy activity under good leadership in an atmosphere of community participation.

The values of Little League are many, but from every aspect of its operation, they relate directly to the youngsters who participate.  Hopefully, we can all benefit from the lessons of teamwork, discipline, and the will to win generated by our local league programs.

Del Popken exemplified the principles of Little League in every way, devoting his efforts toward helping our youth develop sportsmanship, discipline, and decency.  Although Del Popken passed away in the fall of 1971, his service, dedication, and sense of fair play both molded our organization in its early years and set the standard for volunteer service.

Each year, the Hillside Board recognizes volunteers who demonstrate the values embodied in Del’s participation in Little League.

Past Winners

          2021                   Jered & Crystal Anderson

          2020                   No award given

          2019                   Darold & Rebecca Mergens and Jessica Moran

          2018                   Jered & Crystal Anderson

          2017                   Jerome & Brittani Tanhueco and Lisa Smith

          2016                   Bill Sanders & Justin Armsbury

          2015                   Al Monaco IV & Steve Brown

          2014                   Erica Dornacker

          2013                   Tammy Bisaillon

          2012                   Seth and Emily Kangas

          2011                   Maureen Haney, Rick Brown

          2010                   Jeff, Stephanie Fletcher

          2009                   Sam Brower, Marty McCaslin

          2008                   Gary Grady, Nancy Johnson

          2007                   Tom Holder, Dan Vollmer

          2006                   Dan Rauterkus, Rick Brown

          2005                   Steve Kutilek, Paul Jokela

          2004                   Laura Vitek, Jeff Detter

          2003                   Dick Schmidt

          2002                   Jim Brau

          2001                   Wes Young, Mike Getty

          2000                   Steve Kutilek, Jill Koopman

          1999                   Julie and Keith Rudeen

          1998                   Dawn Robar, Larry Suder

          1997                   Steve Brown, John Addy

          1996                   Theresa Schmidt

          1995                   Tim Owens

          1994                   Dave Workman

          1993                   Ted Backora, Shar Beacom

          1992                   Larry Wolfe

          1991                   Shar Beacom

          1990                   George Jones

          1989                   Gary Teel

          1988                   Ron Racine

          1987                   Rodger and Jane Arnold

          1986                   Don and JoAnn McKamy

          1985                   Sandi Patterson

          1984                   Larry and Marie Wolfe

          1983                   Jim and Jean Huston

          1982                   Ed and Darlene Force

          1981                   Jean Huston

          1980                   Tony Madden

          1979                   Darrell and Fran Nuzum

          1978                   Jim Huston

          1977                   Betty Magistretti

          1976                   John Fletcher

          1975                   Gene Theel

          1974                   Bill Zastera

          1973                   Jack McDermott

          1972                   Art Busch