• Sandlot Nights

    "You're killin' me, Smalls!"       That four-word quote has become an oft-used expression of exasperation with someone or something for over 25 years, even if some who say it are not sure of its origin. It's... More
  • Snack Shack Sign Up

             It takes over 1500 hours of volunteer time to operate the Hillside concessions stand (Snack Shack) each season. Moms, Dads, other family members, even friends and neighbors of Hillside players are ne... More
  • Jr. Umpire Sign-Up Page

    HILLSIDE JR UMPIRES   Please Start with most recent dates to fill Home Plate Umpire needs to be filled for all games at minimum First and Last Name required on all slots Dates and Times will be locked 24... More